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Performing at an elite level requires extraordinary effort, passion, and commitment from an athlete. Athlete Advantage Medical (AAM) is equally passionate and committed to ensuring our patient athletes are medically prepared and injury free to pursue victory. We are in your corner.

Athlete Advantage Medical, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the premier provider of Boxing and Combat Sports medical examinations and injury treatment services. We schedule, conduct, and manage the entire medical examination and/or injury treatment process directly and/or through our nationwide network of specialty medical providers, saving fighters, managers, and promoters time, money, and energy so that they may focus on “winning”.

We are dedicated to ensuring the examination and injury treatment process is efficient and cost effective so that athletes can receive the proper care without taking their focus off of training and competition.

Prior to AAM, medical examination and treatment services specific to fighters has been fragmented and uncoordinated, with the scheduling and examination process often being very costly and time consuming. AAM was developed to streamline state required medical examination and injury treatment in a cost effective manner.

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