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AAM’s Fighter Examination’s are conducted to ALL state athletic commission and governing sport organization requirements, completed on the appropriate forms, by the appropriate physician, in an efficient and cost effective manner. Examinations are scheduled around a fighters training and event schedule. Our pre negotiated rates ensure the fighter is paying the lowest rates available for the required examinations and receives preferential scheduling consideration.

Examination services include the following:

  •    Physical Exam

  •    EKG

  •    Ophthalmologic Exam

  •    Neurological Exam

  •    X-Ray and Imaging

  •    Labs


Exams conducted at our Las Vegas practice location include Physical Exams, Ophthalmologic Exams, Neurological Exams, and EKG. X-Ray, Imaging, and Labs are completed by our preferred providers SimonMed Imaging and Quest Diagnostics at multiple convenient locations.


For examinations outside of Nevada, AAM has established a nationwide network of appropriate medical providers who will conduct the examinations on our behalf at pre negotiated reduced rates. AAM can manage and conduct the required medicals for each fight card, nationwide.


AAM provides nationwide lab services through our National Quest Diagnostics Medical Provider Account at the lowest rates available with no third party mark up and results typically within 24 hours.


Our MRI/MRA and X-Ray provider, SimonMed Imaging, has locations throughout Nevada, Arizona, California, and Florida. AAM can schedule all of your imaging needs in an efficient and cost effective manner. Click here to find a SimonMed locations near you. Appointments must be scheduled by AAM to receive preferential rates and priority.

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