Medical Claims Assistance (for promoters and fighters)

AAM protects athletes and promoters from receiving unpaid medical bills for treatment of injuries sustained during a fight that should be covered by the event insurance policy. We ensure the injury claim form is completed and submitted properly so that the fighter can receive proper care covered by the policy. We further ensure treating medical providers have a proper claim so that they are compensated accordingly.

Post-Fight Injury Evaluations

Las Vegas

For Las Vegas, AAM’s Medical Director (Dr. Nick Sadeghi, MD) conducts examinations and overseas the entire treatment process including ordering and reviewing imaging as well as referral to specialty medical providers for the appropriate medical treatment of an injured fighter.

Southern California
Our Southern California injury treatment provider, OC Fight Docs/Dr. William Kessler provides initial injury diagnoses, treatment, and physical therapy so that fighters can return to competition injury free as soon as possible.

Medical Suspension Clearances

AAM’s network of specialty medical providers conduct examinations and provides the state athletic commission with appropriate documentation to release medical suspensions for all “MD clearances” including Neurological and Orthopedic.